Pro aesthetics supports

'pro aesthetics supports' by francesca lanzavecchia

Italian born designer francesca lanzavecchia graduated from the masters program at the design
academy in eindhoven last spring. her thesis project ‘pro aesthetics supports’ explored the perception of disability through its artefacts. in the project she redesigned common medical artefacts associated with disability such as neck braces, canes, crutches and back braces. she focused on making the artefacts expressive so that each one becomes a personal representation of their owner, while paying special attention to social stigma.
‘representative skins’ back brace

  ‘lingerie’ back brace & ‘tattoo’ back brace

 ‘corset’ back brace & ‘polly’ back brace
Pocas cosas son menos glamourosas que andar con una condición médica o inmovilizados con un cuello ortopedico. Es por esto que la italiana Francesca Lanzavecchia basó su tesis de grado, en la personalizacion de artefactos médicos comunes y corrientes, rediseñando yesos, cuellos ortopédicos y bastones y convirtiendolos en una representación personal de quien lo usa.
 ‘protraction’ crutch & ‘bone’ cane

 ‘personal canvas’ neck brace
 ‘pronto’ neck brace & ‘neck plinth’
"neck plinth & ‘marsupial’ neck brace

What a original idea of green living and well bein!
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Some people have said:
"Maybe Francesca Lanzavecchia and I should put our heads together. I was looking on-line for information about neck braces. Specifically for neck braces that are NOT 'conspicuos', preferably pretty, and useable by someone who can't stand anything even slightly tight around their neck!

Additional braces are also of interest to me - I have several medical conditions which seem to require splints, braces or mobility devices. Also, I have a cane/walking stick that I always receive favorable comments about! Pretty simple, and pretty in-expensive as well!

Personally, I like the style of the neck plinth - no constriction near the 'Adam's apple', though I'm not too thrilled by the color. (It almost looks like something from a BDSM collection.) I'd actually prefer something more ornamental, and maybe padded where it comes into contact with the skin. I also like the Victoria neck brace. The cooling aspect of the lace is appealing, since I live in a hot and humid climate.

However, I am wondering about support and appearances for the back of the neck/cervical spine?
I have pinched nerves and bone degenerating from my upper neck all the way down to my tail bone. So, something to help alleviate the pressure and pain, that is comfortable and attractive would be wonderful".

New designs crazy Leg Lamps

After sacrificing his body to a vicious slide tackle, Vestal designer Diego Rotalde had his ankle set until the swelling and pain subsided. Seven crutch-filled days later, Diego got the gift of mobility back, along with his cast. The Peruvian wasted no time turning his former shackle into something of artistic value, the DIY Leg Lamp. As we say here in Lima, when life hands you limes, you make lemonade.
DIY Leg Lamp:
Time – Five Minutes
Materials – Lamp with energy-saving light bulb, a CD, leg cast after the personal injury.
Tools – A good knife

1. Find a lamp that either has a decorative piece to balance the cast on or is built in such a way to avoid having the bulb touch the guaze. Many lamps have guards around the bulb used to support regular lampshades. This is probably safer. If you cast has been cut in half, you can use a bandage (or glue) to reform it to the shape of your leg.

2. Cut a decently large hole in the toe (or bottom of the foot, or wherever seems best)

3. Slip the cast over the bulb. Use the CD (or a piece of cardboard depending on how wide your calf is) to regulate the amount of light coming out the top.

4. Enjoy!
In german:
Nach seinen Körper zu opfern, um einen bösartigen Grätschen, hatte Vestal Designer Diego Rotalde seinem Knöchel bis die Schwellung und Schmerzen abgeklungen gesetzt. Sieben Krücke gefüllte Tage später bekam Diego das Geschenk der Mobilität zurück, zusammen mit seinen Darstellern. Die peruanische keine Zeit dreht seinen ehemaligen Schäkel in etwas von künstlerischem Wert verloren, der DIY-Leg Lamp. Da wir hier in Lima, wo das Leben Händen limones Sie sagen, du machst limonada.
DIY Leg Lampe:
Time - Five Minutes
Materialien - Lampe mit energiesparenden Glühbirnen, ein CD-, Bein-Stimmen.
Tools - Ein gutes Messer
1. Suchen Sie eine Lampe, die entweder ein dekoratives Stück der Stimmen auf oder ist in einer Weise gebaut Gleichgewicht zu vermeiden, dass die Lampe berühren guaze. Viele Lampen haben Wachen um das Leuchtmittel verwendet werden, um regelmäßige Lampenschirme unterstützen. Dies ist wahrscheinlich sicherer. Wenn Sie geworfen hat um die Hälfte reduziert, können Sie einen Verband (oder Leim), um ihn an die Form Ihrer Beine zu reformieren.
2. Schneiden Sie ein anständig großes Loch in die Zehe (oder Unterseite des Fußes, oder wo auch immer scheint am besten)
3. Schieben Sie die Stimmen mehr als die Glühbirne. Verwenden Sie die CD (oder ein Stück Pappe, je nachdem wie weit Ihr Kalb), um die Menge an Licht kommt aus der Spitze zu regulieren.
4. Viel Spaß!